please bring a cooler bag -or something similar-  to pickup location, this dough needs to stay cool in sunmmer heat (it expands quickly when warm) A not-baked 290 g ball of fresh pizza dough; based on sourdough discard but NOT at all sour! A 48-hour cold ferment develops amazing, 'just one more bite' flavors. Very easy to handle, does not tear when rolling. One ball makes an approx 12 x 9 inch pizza. Ready to roll out and bake with your favorite toppings. Organic unbleached flour, water, natural wild yeast culture (flour + water), olive oil, organic cane sugar, sea salt. Packed in a 16-oz clear plastic container.

Can stay refrigerated for 36 hours, after that it freezes well (in freezer ziploc) for one month.

To make a pizza:

Push the ball down and out a bit to make it into a roundish shape, then continue working the dough out by gently pushing and stretching. Use a rolling pin to roll out to final shape, the dough will be thin.

If the dough resists stretching let it rest for a few minutes (covered) and come back to it after it has relaxed a bit.  Top and bake at 500 degrees until the edges of the crust are dark brown. Check at 8 minutes to gauge browning and go from there...



Roman-style Pizza Dough (fresh dough ball) COLLAGE COFFEE July 16 1:30 - 5 pm


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