FALL CLASS SCHEDULE 2019                     

CLASSES at GWTG bakery 141 Porter Rd Harrisville 16038

September 29

1:00 - 5:00 pm

                         Preferments: Biga, Poolish, Pate Fermentée

Would you like to bake a more flavorful bread with better keeping quality-- but you don't want all the fuss of maintaining a sourdough culture?  "Preferments" are just the ticket; learn how to mix single-use make-ahead ferments aka biga, poolish or pate fermentee to give your breads more flavor and character. We'll make and taste a variety of loaves made with different preferments.

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October 13 

1:00 - 4:30 pm   

                              Focaccia & Fougasse

Focaccia:this  Italian rustic bread is a relative of pizza dough, though it is softer, thicker and, when properly made, has an open-holed, cake-like crumb structure. Learn how easy is it to make this delicious pan bread!

Fougasse is a traditional rustic bread from France and Italy. It is also called 'ladder bread" due to its shape distinguished by large cuts


                      Participants will make an Herb Garlic Focaccia and an Olive Fougasse, and will take home a new half-sheet pan for home baking.

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November 17  

1:00 - 5:00 pm

                           Sourdough (basic level)


        Sourdough does not have to be 'sour'-- the term refers to breads made with 'wild yeasts' or 'natural leavens'. Naturally-leavened breads have depths of flavor far superior to basic 'straight dough'  breads;  this is due to complex interactions of microbes with flour and water.    At our bakery we nurture natural levain cultures to produce a variety of flavors, textures and acidity levels in our breads. In this class we will work with Going With The Grain levain (wild yeast/sourdough) cultures to produce naturally-leavened breads.

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December 1   one spot left!

1:00 - 5:00 pm

                          Whole Grain Breads (non sourdough)

            Do your whole grain loaves resemble dense bricks of flour?  Whole grains are not only trendy, they are also full of nutrients and minerals that are usually milled out of unbleached or ‘white’ flours.   Learn how to bake breads with locally grown whole grains and flours. Participants will mix, shape and score loaves made with a variety of grains.    Find out where to source local, organic grains in our region.

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CLASSES at CHATHAM Gibsonia Campus

October 27    Focaccia    

                       go here for description and registration

November 23   Introduction to Rye Sourdough

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