Introducing the new Fall Series Subscription


We know you're out there,

 you who love the hearty, satisfying whole grains and seeds. 

The Ryes. The Whole Wheat. The Spelt. The Seeds.

REAL bread.

 and these are the ones that the Baker loves best of all as well so....

we're offering a Fall Series of breads to bring you comfort, nourishment, and strong partners for your soups.

All made with organic whole grains and flours. 

No wussies.  No flabby white breads.

This is a subscription-only series with Thursday deliveries weekly or biweekly Oct 15 - Nov 19

We can bring the bread to your door if you live near 

 Grove City    Slippery Rock    Mercer    New Wilmington   areas 

or you can pick up at The Silk Road Market New Wilmington

                   Collage Coffee, Grove City  

Tomato Basil

Hearty 70%

Sesame Spelt

Flaxseed Rye


Cracked Wheat

 Pain au Levain


(click here for bread descriptions at the Menu page)

Subscribers may choose from 3 varieties offered each week:


 receive 1 loaf per week for 6 weeks:      42.00 

receive 2 loaves per week for 6 weeks:  81.00 


receive 1 loaf every-other week (you may choose your every-other pattern) 21.00

receive 2 loaves every-other-week (ditto above) 42.00


These loaves will not be available at local shops or via our regular webstore preorder/pickup, regrets.

And btw you will still be able to find our usual bread varieties at the usual places...


                                                                                                                THANK YOU!


                                                                      BREAD SCHEDULE   ( Thursday delivery)

                    Three varieties are offered each week---choose 1 loaf or 2 loaves per week depending on your subscription 

Oct 15            Tomato Basil          Hearty 70              Flaxseed Rye  

Oct 22            Sesame Spelt     Pumpernickel         Pain au Levain w/ Mixed Flours and Grains

Oct 29            Vollkornbrot         Cracked Wheat     Pain au Levian w/ Mixed Flours and Grains

Nov 5            Tomato Basil             Hearty 70            Flaxseed Rye

Nov 12          Sesame Spelt         Pumpernickel         Pain au Levain w/ Mixed Flours and Grains

Nov 19          Vollkornbrot            Cracked Wheat      Pain au Levian w/ Mixed Flours and Grains 

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