Home Delivery:  what you need to know about ordering and procedures

                             We now offer Home Delivery to select areas on specific dates.

    There is not a set schedule as we are leery of snowy winter weather interfering with our delivery plans.

 Read on for the details ​how to order breads in our webstore, and what to expect on delivery day.


Home Delivery opportunities are announced here at this website, and via Facebook, Instagram and our email list.


Go to our Online Orders page to find details about the delivery date, time, delivery area and varieties being offered.

Breads offered for delivery will be labelled with the specific delivery date and area.

Choose which breads you wish to have delivered by clicking on the photo/title.

When finished choosing breads you will be prompted through the checkout process.  We accept PayPal for online orders.

Please be sure to provide your address and phone # when prompted!

Please also tell us what type of container (coolers rock!) you will leave outside of your home and exactly where we will find it.

You will receive an automatic confirmation email --if you do not receive one then your purchase did not go through.


We offer only No-contact delivery. 

Please be sure to put a cooler or other sturdy container on your front porch or other easy-to-find location in front of your home.

If we don't see the cooler/container then we will have to hang a bag of bread on your front door handle--not the best place to leave bread during freezing temperatures or rainy weather! 

We will call you if we have an emergency or problems with delivery. Please call us if there is a problem on your end.


                                                                                                                 THANK YOU!