talkin' sourdough: taste testing 3 Flour Sourdough (aka The Sour One)

We've been diving deep into the sourdough around here... so many nuances of flavor, texture, crust and crumb. This morning I toasted, buttered, and thoughtfully savored four pieces of our '3 Flour Sourdough' loaf. Yes, I was hungry, but I also wanted to experience it as a 'new -to-our-breads' eater might do, and to nail down some adjectives to describe it. Here's what I might say: first bite, it doesn't seem sour at all. I noticed a distinct, pleasant, fulfilling flavor that was satisfying. (I believe that the small amount of Whole Rye flour in the mix plays a significant part in the fullness of flavor) And then the sour appeared. This is a sneaky sourdough that creeps up on you afte

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