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Deb's Bread

Breaducation! We share our love of baking bread through classes, workshops and community events (and sharing good bread, too) The most gratifying part of leading bread classes is seeing the results. At the close of our bread class, students carefully nestle their risen doughs in bowls or baskets to take-and-bake at home (since a main goal of the class is to instill confidence that good bread can be successfully baked in one's very own oven..)

I always ask that photos of home-baked breads be sent to me so I can share in the sense of pride and accomplishment that comes with a good bake.

This photo is 'Deb's Bread'. Deb came to our January class and subsequently baked this gorgeous loaf. Look at that beautifully-colored crust!

Please help me to spread the word on this point: baking 'artisan' bread is not difficult! It is a matter of time, attention, and good ingredients. Mostly time and attention. Anyone can do this, and whether you take a 'class' or learn on your own, it is well worth the small effort involved.

Once you know the basic steps and techniques it opens a whole world of breads and flavors and textures as the techniques can be universally applied to any kind of flour. Once you know the steps you can adjust the timing of the process to suit your schedule. (getting up in the middle of the night is not a requirement for producing good bread!)

Try it! Get yourself some BREADUCATION!

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